International Violin Institute


Enrollment Form Provisions & Releases
January - May


  • I have carefully read this “Spring Enrollment Form” and consent to its terms on behalf of myself and my child.
  • I wish to enroll my child, named above, in the International Violin Institute (the “Institute”) for the “SPRING TERM”, beginning January 3, 2024 and ending on or before May 31, 2024.
  • I acknowledge that the Instructor may, at their discretion, invite guest artists to present or provide instruction at the Institute, and I consent to such guest artist participation. I understand that the term “the Institute” includes the Instructor and these guest artists.
  • I understand that this Spring Enrollment Form, the Institute’s Privacy Policy, and Verifiable Parental Consent Form (the “Institute Documents”) must be signed and returned by me to the Institute prior to and as a condition of enrollment. Together, these Institute Documents create the full legal contract among me, my child, and the Institute, which may not be modified except in writing signed by me and the Institute.


  • The SPRING TERM consists of [20] weekly lessons provided between January 1 and May 31. I understand that my child will receive a reserved lesson time (“lesson time”) for the same time and day of the week for 20 lessons during the SPRING TERM except that no lessons will take place on a federal holiday. Lesson times must be requested online at the and are subject to availability and approval by the Institute.
  • Full payment for the SPRING TERM should be made online at and is due once my child’s lesson time has been approved. I understand that the Institute will charge my credit card or PayPal account in accordance with the payment option I select online, and I consent to these charges. These payment options are:
    • Deposit Due Today: Upon completion of this form, I will be charged a [$100] non-refundable deposit to hold my student’s spot at International Violin Academy. The remaining balance due for the semester will be [$1200]
    • Creation Kids Village requires that each student pay a [$140] Registration Fee to the School for the SPRING TERM. If your student is enrolled in Creation Kids Village, this fee will be collected at the end of this enrollment form.
    • Pay Per Month: If I select this option, I will be charged the semester balance of [$1200] in monthly payments of [$60]/lesson up front, each month, for [5] months of the SPRING TERM. The first payment will be due on January 1, with final payment due on May 1.
    • Pay Remainder Due In Full: If I select this option, I will be invoiced and charged [$1200] upfront to cover all [20] SPRING TERM lessons – due on or before January 1.
    • Parents are responsible for 3% Credit Card Convenience Fee on all lesson payments.
    • Subject to availability and approval, I may schedule and pay for additional lessons for my child, or consultations between myself and the Instructor, online at
  • I understand that if my child is unable to attend a lesson no refund will be provided, and as a general rule these missed lessons will not be made-up. Subject to availability, the Instructor may offer a make-up time but she is not obligated to do so. However, if the Instructor is unable to attend my child’s lesson, the Institute may either provide a refund for the missed lesson or reschedule the lesson to a time convenient for me if I agree in advance. Refunds for consultations will follow the principles of this paragraph.


  • I will make sure my child is present and ready to play at the time set for the lesson to begin, and that the lesson time will not be extended to accommodate my child’s late start.
  • I understand that I may not attend my child’s lessons.
  • I consent to other students at the Institute watching, attending, or participating in my child’s lessons.
  • I understand that learning to play the violin requires the development of very-precise physical skills and musical comprehension. I acknowledge that because of this the Instructor will be required to touch my child’s fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, etc. in an appropriate manner as part of the instruction, and to lead my child through physical warm-up and ear-training exercises. In addition, I understand that lessons may consist not only of time playing the violin, but also listening to music and watching musical performances (live, streamed or recorded), engaging in ear-training games and exercises, instruction in music theory and history, and learning miscellaneous skills at the Instructor’s discretion. Most of all, learning to play the violin should be fun!


  • I understand that instruction at the Institute may occur at third-party locations (the “third party locations”) such as the Creation Kids Village School and the Montessori Academy of Celebration. While at the Institute my child will be protected by the security system maintained by these third-party locations, which are responsible for the security of their premises. Further, I acknowledge that I have provided, or will provide prior to my child’s attendance, such consent to the third-party location as they require relating to my child’s security or emergency medical treatment, first aid, or transportation to a hospital or medical facility as a result of illness or injury associated with my child’s participation in activities at these premises. Further, with respect to the Institute, I consent to any such security measures, emergency treatment, first aid and/or transportation that may be provided to my child and understand that the Institute will not be responsible for any costs associated with any of the foregoing.
  • I understand that my child may be photographed, live streamed, or recorded via audio and/or video device at the Institute or at Institute events for security and other purposes, including pedagogic training and evaluation, and I consent to same.


  • I authorize the Institute to publish on the Web or Social Media or otherwise release any pictures, live streams, or recordings of my child as a participant in the Institute and I understand that these may be used for promotional purposes.

Note: You do not need to consent in order for your child to participate in the Institute. Please check the box in the next section if you do not approve release of images.


  • In consideration of my child’s participation in the Institute and related activities, I agree to release the Institute, the guest artists and the Instructor from any and all liabilities, damages, losses and/or causes of action (collectively, “Claims”) that I or my child may suffer or have, arising by virtue of my child’s participation in the Institute or related activities except to the extent any such Claims are caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Institute, the guest artists or the Instructor. This release and waiver includes damage to or loss of my child’s personal property. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Institute, the guest artists and the Instructor from any and all Claims arising by virtue of my or my child’s negligent or intentionally tortuous acts and/or omissions.


  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Florida without regard to choice of law or conflict of law principles. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.